Czechmate 2 and 4 Hole Beads

26 July 2016 Bead information


The range of two hole beads continues to expand, however the Czechmate range of beads are worth a special mention. They started with two hole tiles and daggers, and expanded in to two hole bricks and lentils. Recently these have expanded to even more shapes and now includes a couple of four hole beads. The hole spacing on each bead is the same as others in the range, so making them interchangeable in many instances and enhances your design options.
To enable you to learn and remember the names of all these beads here is a handy reference. You can also print or download this to save it.  It will help you to find what you are looking for faster as you have the correct names. Check out the free patterns section, as there are some patterns you can include with your order that use the two hole beads.
You can find these beads on the website under Czech Beads > 2+ hole beads