Silver Metallic Seed Beads

Silver Metallic Seed Beads

12 April 2019 2

Silver is such a versatile colour to use in beading, and there are many finishes to choose from. These are the metallic silver beads available, and the varying shades that you can choose to suit what you are looking for. Which is your favourite silver ? Is it the Toho Perma Finish range, or the Miyuki Duracoat range. Perhaps the other plated options. The silver plated is the purest silver colour. It’s more expensive, but it can be just right for that really special piece.
You can look at all the silver seed beads in the black/white section of each size of seed beads in sizes, 6, 8, 11 and 15. Not all colours are available in all sizes.


  1. Julie Johnson says

    Hi Joanne, Can you tell me when you are to have a delivery of cz silver 11’s, please? I am hoping you’ll be stocked up by the August B’n’B because I have a shopping list from 2 friends who have left our freezer for Queensland. Also, I’ve fallen in love with the same silver !! Cheers, Julie J.

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