Thread Conditioners

Thread Conditioners

4 August 2017 2

UPDATE September 2017, Thread heaven has stopped production – so grab some while it’s still available.
I often get people buying wax and conditioners thinking they are essential, usually because a friend or teacher has told them to get some. They are not necessary but they do have their uses.
Let’s looks at options then you can decide if you want to try them too.
 Thread Heaven: This is a brand name. It comes in a little blue square tub and it’s translucent white and a bit rubbery in texture.  It doesn’t coat your thread, it adds a static charge to it so helping to reduce tangles. I like it’s small size, you can tuck it in to a corner of your beading kit and it doesn’t take up much space.
Thread Heaven


I love a new display box of thread heaven, we’ve just got new stock in (August 2017), so there’s plenty available if you want to try some.

 Wax: Either bees wax or synthetic micro crystalline wax.
Using these will add a layer of wax to your thread. This relaxes your thread and also adds some body to the thread. If you are prone to being a loose beader, this will assist in helping the beads ‘stick’ a little better in place. If you use too much it can make your thread limp, if this happens, get some absorbent paper or tissue and pull the thread through that to remove some wax.

Both wax and thread heaven will assist in reducing knots, however, knots are still possible. If you get lots of knots, consider using a shorter length of thread. Many beaders make the mistake of thinking a longer thread will mean they don’t have to join another so it will save time. However this can have the opposite effect, a long thread can mean lots more tangles and time spent unraveling knots. You can use these on thread or fireline. I do like to use it on fireline as it makes it more manageable and less ‘curly’ off the reel.
How to use. Cut your thread or Fireline and thread your needle. Hold the thread near the needle on the conditioner, put your thumb on the thread and pull the thread so that it glides over the conditioner being held in place by your thumb. Wipe off any excess.
Top tip: I cut or melt and remold the larger microcrystalline wax in to 2-3 smaller pieces, that way it fits in my beading kit better. Do this and share a piece with a friend. Obviously be careful doing this, hot wax can cause burns.
If you have any top tips on thread conditioners, please make a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.



  1. SMM WARNER says

    I have used Thread Heaven for years along with beeswax, unless I am using split faux sinew. I do not use Fireline or anything similar as I have had bad luck with those. I use D Nymo or faux sinew.

  2. jo i says

    Tip from Ruth on the Cranberry Facebook page
    #1 tip: have a separate tub of thread heaven or piece of wax to use for smoke fireline. The coating comes off when you pull the thread through, and you don’t want to transfer it to other, lighter threads

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