Exhibition Pieces

Exhibition Pieces

3 December 2013 4

These two pieces were submitted to the Bead Society of Victoria’s  Elly Feldman exhibition, which is on display each year at the Melbourne Bead Expo in November.

My main piece was this one. This piece was started when I got the montana blue vintage navettes at a bead show. They were a tricky shape to bezel, but once done I had in mind to link them together in a draping effect. I’ve added a larger stone to the centre and two rivolis. There are also two rivolis in the clasp. The toogle part of the clasp mimics the navette stones. This is mostly done in cubic right angel weave (CRAW) and embellished with pearls and crystals all in montana.

exhibtion piece 1

My second piece was more of a ‘filler’ by that I mean it’s not anything too special, just a cab on a rope. So you ask why did I put it in the exhibition? Well I like to contribute to a great display at the exhibition and thought it would do that job. People enjoyed seeing it and I did get a great comment about it.

What I like about this is the way the matte platinum beads match the lining of the aqua beads, and with the chennile stitch they line up creating an interesting pattern.

cab with rope

It’s not all about winning after all, but joining in the fun and showing the world what great work we can do here in Australia.

I didn’t win or place this year, but that might be too much to ask after taking out the prize in 2012 🙂


  1. Christine says

    Both these pieces were truly beautiful IRL. The way you have bezelled the navettes is very intricate. Odd shapes are very tricky.

  2. Dani says

    They are both beautiful pieces Jo. Even if you do think the second piece is ‘simple’, I think it looks wonderful – the colours are lovely. Sometimes simplicity is better!

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