Workshops with Helena Tang-Lim

Workshops with Helena Tang-Lim

14 December 2013

I did two workshops with Helena when she visited Melbourne in November this year.

This is the first one.  Her version is called Lady in the Moon, as her kits had a cabochon with a face on. So I have named this one ‘No Lady in the Moon’ as I used a ceramic cab instead. Everything else is pretty much as per the kit though.

This was my first serious try at Soutache work and it was fun. It took the fear out of using it, so now I feel confident to proceed and do other pieces. Not often does something get the better of me, but it was great having the tips and tricks explained.


This is Pretty Spikes in a row, you can find the kit for it here.

I mixed up some spike colours and used them for this.I also used those expensive but oh so worth it gold plated 15s in this. I’ve worn it a few times and most people that had been scared of using spikes were really pleased that it was not too out there. As you can see from the photos, it’s not too dangerous looking 🙂 the spikes are quite smallHelena-pretty spikes-c

If you want to try out any kits from Helena I would highly recommend them, lots of clear instructions and photos.

Her website is:

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