Beading Competitions

Beading Competitions

2 December 2015

Do you enter beading competitions ?

Do they excite you, scare you or do you embrace the challenge. Are you afraid of not doing well or think everyone is better than you? These are all comments that I have heard over time, but none of them matter. What matters is taking part.  Competitions provide a visual feast for those that see the entries. Have you admired the photos or seen a display in real life ? You have to admit that it can be an impressive display. Imagine if only one  or two people entered for any of the reasons above.

I’m encouraging you to take part and join in the fun, you never know you may be pleasantly surprised and be really proud of what you create.

What competition options are there in Australia ?

The Bead Show run the Inspired Colours competition, you can enter either the first or second section or both and the finalists of each section are in with a chance to win when the winner is anounced in September. All entries get display at a bead show in either Melbourne or Sydney and the finalists a second time in Sydney.  There are not many rules, open to anyone in Australia, some size limits, must be wearable and at least 40% beads. Entries open around October each year. See the website for full details and online entry.

The Bead Society of Victoria run the Bead Challenge. You have a bead pack to work with and as long as you use all beads you can create pretty much anything and add anything.  The packs are usually arranged around a theme or colour. Entries open around December each year. See the website for full details and online entry. The BSV also have a members only cometition which you can read about on their website, worth looking in to. I’ve been a member for years and it’s well worth it. All entries are on display at the Melboure Bead Expo each year in November.

The Festival of glass runs the Glass Art Awards each year and it has a Wearable Glass Art section. As the name suggest, the item has to be wearable but there are not too many rules. Entries open in the second half of the year and are on display at the Festival of Glass in February each year in Drysdale VIC. See the website for full details and a paper entry.

All of these competitions except the BSV members sections have an entry fee, you do have to expect this, but it’s a small amount to pay to support beading in Australia. However, all offer monetary prizes, so that’s a real benefit. So what’s holding you back, get beading and show Australia and the world what you can do.

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