BSV Bead Challenge 2020

BSV Bead Challenge 2020

21 April 2020

The annual BSV bead challenge is on again and the bead pack has been launched. I’m pleased to have been able to supply many of the beads in the pack.

Get your challenge pack on the BSV website This is what the pack contains.

If you need more beads we are here to help, but please note you cannot enter the challenge just buying beads from Cranberry, you must buy the pack via BSV, but you can get extra beads from us.

Available from 27th April will be a challenge boost pack. Do you need more of the blue beads but don’t want to buy a full pack/stand/tube of each.

You can get a boost pack for $9.90, which is the actual cost of the beads in the pack. This pack will be available once the 6mm pearls are back in stock.

What does it contain:

2 hole crescents – Saturated Met Navy Peony x 20

2 hole daggers – Saturated Met Navy Peony x 20

2 hole gem duos – Met suede Blue x 15

4mm fire polished beads – Met suede Blue 1 strand of 50

6mm glass pearls – Montana x 10 – due back in stock April 27th

You can also check out similar beads in these colours, we have more in the met suede blue and montana finish

We also have a great range of Delica beads, DB41 is included in the pack, why not try one of our Delica colour packs in blue to go with this.

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