Delica Beads – Fun Facts

Delica Beads – Fun Facts

4 December 2020 1

Today we would like to share some valuable knowledge about one of our favourite beads that we stock at Cranberry, the Delica bead.

Delica beads are a cylinder shaped bead made by Miyuki in Japan.  These glass beads are very uniform in shape and size and as a result can be used beautifully in bead weaving designs.

Many beaders use them for flat peyote, geometric peyote, on and off loom woven designs and brick stitch.  They also bezel stones beautifully like the swarovski rivolis, especially when combined with other sized seed beads.

Did you know that Miyuki Delica beads come in four different sizes? Here is a comparison photograph featuring all sizes in a peyote stitch swatch from left to right....
Size 15 (DBS)
Size 11 (DBR)
Size 10 (DBM)
Size 8 (DBL)
We stock sizes 10 and 11 at Cranberry.
One of the most common questions we receive about Delica beads is what can I use them for?
Delica beads are a seed bead that is small and perfectly cylindrical, so they easily snap into place in peyote stitch and brick stitch bead weaving. They also have large holes for their size, making it easier to pass multiple strands of thread through each bead.
They work beautifully in peyote stich projects both flat and geometrical like our examples in the stars above and below in the following photographs.
Here is a name badge created to wear to bead events.
name badge

Next is a photo of a kaleidocycle which can be cycled around to reveal the different sides to the geometric shapes.


Delica beads come in a huge amount of colours and differnt finishes.  Here is a delightful rainbow of our range of duracoat galvanised delica beads.

These mouth watering colours are ideal for beadwork that will see a lot of wear and movement. They feature Miyuki's Duracoat finish—a clear durable coating that is thicker and tougher than traditional coatings which means it is less likely to rub off like other galvanised coatings can.


Below are the codes for our rainbow of Duracoat Galvanised beads.  Did you know you can search on our website with the code of a bead?  This easy search function helps when trying to re order the colour you have that is just about to run out.


You can use a combination of bead finishes in your designs to create pops of colour, shine and shading.

This star uses a combination of matte finish, duracoat galvanised finish and opaque lustre beads.  The contrast between the finishes really makes the design on this star shine.


If the thought of trying out a a new bead is daunting for you we have created a beginers Peyote course which is completely free! This couse breaks down how easy and meditive peyote stitch can be and uses just a couple of colours of Delica beads to get you started.

Sometimes our massive range of Miyuki Delica leave you wondering where do I start? Choosing three or four colours to use in a project can sometimes be a little daunting, especially for a beginner.
That's why we have created some basic colour packs to get you started.
Delica Colour Pack, Rainbow Silverlined, DBR-RBSL
Rainbow Opaque Delica Bead Set, DBR-RBOP


  1. Lucille McDonald says

    I am new at beading, self taught through books, and Patterns, I have increased but I know there is a great deal more I want to learn. I did your last Peyote Course most help full and clear. I don’t sell as I am not good enough, but I would make and give to friends they think everything I have done is beautiful. I did download more of the patterns on your site, which I hope to get going shortly and will let you know how it turns out. Now I would love to attend a workshop, however I don’t drive, cannot take Public Transport for very good reasons as I have a walker and use walking sticks, to make this even harder I live in Coburg, There is a limit to how much Jewellery I can make would love yo know what else I can do.

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