Delica Clasps by Elegant Elements

Delica Clasps by Elegant Elements

26 October 2020

rhodium plated
24kt gold plated

Elegant Element Clasps are made in Germany and have a solid feel to them.  They are a very nice quality clasp that slides together and when the clasp locks shut it makes a very satisfying click so you know the clasp is nice and secure.   They are either rhodium plated which is silver or 24kt gold plated.  

We stock the Delica Elegant Elements clasp in two styles, one is the tube style that slides over a row of beads and the other has loops to connect your beadwork to.  Both styles come in a variety of sizes.

Below is a video where we show you how to glue the Delica beads into the fine channels on the clasp.  We use E6000 to glue the beads into the channels.  Once glued in place the beads do not stick up or stand proud out of the channels.  This means they are well protected while wearing your designs. 

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