Help, I’m a loose beader

Help, I’m a loose beader

29 June 2018

When you start using seed beads it’s quite common to find that your beading is loose and you are not keeping a good tension. This means you may end up with a blob of beads and lots of frustration. The benefits of keeping your thread a bit tighter means that the beads will stay in place better and you’ll be able to figure out each step easier.

So how do you become a beader with better tension. Well wax can help, see blog on thread conditioners. However it’s largely down to technique. This is how I do it.
I am right handed, so the needle is in my right hand and the beadwork in my left hand.
I pick up a bead, make the thread pass, and once the bead is in place, I put the thread over my second finger of my left hand and hold it in place with my index finger. This holds it tight and prevents the thread from moving around while I pick up the next bead.

Using wax can help with your tension, it helps the thread stick in place a bit. If you have another technique I’d love to know.

Watch this video, it will really help to see it working rather than read about it.

Help, I’m a loose beader.

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