New Myuki Duracoat Delica and Size 11 Seed Beads

New Myuki Duracoat Delica and Size 11 Seed Beads

2 March 2021

We have some stunning new Miyuki Duracoat beads in size 11 metallic finishes, which are available in Coordinating Delica Size 11 beads which we launched last year. They are amazing colours!

Colour numbers are similar, 5101 is pale gold in 11 and the same colour is 2501 in Delica beads, so the last two numbers align – for this range of new colours only though.

Video showing the colours in the latest release of Duracoat metallic beads

There are more colours of Duracoat metallics that were available prior to this release. To find them you can search duracoat in the shop or browse the varous seed bead categories

Or search for 11-DC51 for the range of size 11

Or search for DB-25 for the range of Delicas (there are a couple of extra colours in this search at the end that also start DB25)

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