All about the colour Red and using it your beadwork

All about the colour Red and using it your beadwork

26 August 2022

The colour red is a strong colour. It can range from a pure red, the primary colour through to the orange reds or the blue reds.

Red captures attention, it symbolises love and passion, it can mean stop, it can mean happiness and good luck.

If you are looking for red beads, you can search the website. Use the search box by typing in red. Some beads such as 8s, 11s and 15s seed beads are separated by colour categories, so you can easily find those for inspiration.

Red also goes by many other names, so if you see a colour name while browsing, put that name in the search box and see what comes up.

Garnet is another great one to try. Coral tends to be more pink, but give it a try.

A great benefit of searching by colour name is that it shows you beads you may not have come accross yet. Inspiration all the way.

Use a splash of red beads in your work to add interest. Use it with green to create a strong contrast.

warm reds
Cool Reds

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