Shrink Plastic Flowers

Shrink Plastic Flowers

5 October 2020 1

We are very excited to introduce a new fun product at Cranberry, Shrink plastic flowers! This addictive and most enjoyable craft has been given new life in our jewellery designs. Simply colour your designs with coloured pencils markers and even inks and then pop your designs into the oven, or use a heat gun and watch the magic happen. It is a wonderful thing to watch the plastic distort and curl as it shrinks to create lovely little flowers to incorporate into your designs.

We have used them for simple earrings, layered with metal shapes and even in bead embroidery. The glossy finish pairs beautifully with our range of glass beads.

You can also shrink your designs with a heat gun or in the oven. During our tests we found that the toaster oven was easier. There was less hot air to blow the designs around giving you more control and you still have plenty of time to remove from the oven and shape the flowers with a few basic tools to give them lifelike shape.

You can watch a video here on shrinking in the oven versus shrinking with a heat gun. We have used a heat gun used for embossing and paper craft.

Sets of pre cut flowers are now available in the shop via this link……..


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