We are switching our seed bead packaging to round tubes

We are switching our seed bead packaging to round tubes

16 April 2021 6

The first question to answer is WHY?

Most of you love the distinct triangle tubes that we have always used, going back to when Cranberry started in 2004. You have told me you know immediately they they are beads from Cranberry, but that is where the love affair ends.

Over the years, some batches have had very loose lids – this now seems to be the norm, and so we tape nearly all lids, which is messy and doesn’t last. I know you hate spillages just as much as I do. In addition to this, supply issues and price increases of the tri tubes are making it hard to keep loving them.

I posted on the Cranberry Facebook page at the end of March and the overwhelming response was change. You want the beads, the type of tube isn’t as important. So, we are switching to round tubes. The tubes will still fit in the racks – most important and a reason it was too hard to switch to flip tops.

How will this happen?

Size 11s and 8s will move to round 5inch tubes – the same tubes the superduos are packed in.

Size 15s will move to 3inch tubes – the same tubes as O beads and Rizos

Size 6s will move to 6inch tubes – these are bigger beads and it makes sense to use a bigger tube to get more value for money.

We will get underway with the rounds beads first before changing over the shaped seed beads such as drops and triangles.

The new tubes hold different amounts of beads, so the prices will be adjusted.

Here i sa comparison of old to new tubes

How will the change happen?

It will be phased, depending on tube availability, but typically as stock runs out we will switch one by one.

To encourage some colours to run out we will reduce prices when we have a few of that colour left in the tri tubes, as we really don’t want to repack beads. When they are sold out the description and price will be updated and the next order of these beads will be in round tubes. Some colours will run out faster than others and some colours we have a lot packed in tri tubes, so I cant tell you when a colour will change.

Let’s celebrate the first colour to be packed in the new tubes

Great savings for you

Each week we will be reducing the price of some stock to clear the last couple of tri tubes of that colour. We need all the tri tubes on each product to be sold before we can update the product with the new description.

Check the specials each week to see what’s on offer.


  1. Trinity-Lee Edwards says

    Thanks Joanne. I had an issue with them in my bead towers. Had to lie them flat instead of upright and this took up extra space. Who wants to be restoring beads to their tube when you could be beading!! Looking forward to the change. Cheers Trinity-Lee

  2. Julie says

    Thank you for this information, and I look forward to your continued excellent service.

    Could you please update your seed bead information page to reflect the approximate number of beads in the new tubes, or po this information in the bead listing? As a knitter I sometimes need hundreds of beads, and the information page helps me work out how many tubes I need to order 😊

    • jo i says

      This info is currently available on our bead essentials page, but will need to be updated for the new tubes, that page is also undergoing a review, so I will see what I can do to accomodate – always happy to answer these questions if info is not readily available though.

  3. Joy Milverton 3 says

    So pleased with my beads. Ordered today arrives next. Excellent service and well worth paying for express post as last order took 3 weeks normal post. We live and learn. Happy Beading..Thank you Joy.

    • jo i says

      Thanks for your call Joy, I could tell you were so thrilled to get your beads quickly. Yes express post really is worth the extra $3, especially at the moment.

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