Adding beads to your knitting

Adding beads to your knitting

9 June 2017 4

I know many of you like to make jewellery with your beads. You might also make accessories and decorations with them, or add them to other crafts. Perhaps quilts, felting, cross stitch or embroidery.

Quite a few of you add seed beads to your knitting projects. Lacy knitted shawls are very popular items to add beads to, there is something so light and delicate about the open structure that makes adding beads seem like the perfect finishing touch. Of course you can add beads to many other knitted items too.

There are two ways to add beads to a project, either you string the beads on to the yarn or add as you go with a crochet hook. A google search will help you with this. If you want to thread you beads on to yarn a big eye needle will be really useful. If you want to use a crochet hook to add beads, then  you’ll need a fine crochet hook as you need to get this through the hole of the bead.

A couple of customers have sent some photos of their work featuring beads from Cranberry.

These two are from Sandra

And these six are from Carol

Popular beads to use for knitting are size 6 and size 8. Also the triangle 5 and triangle 8  and the hex 8 too. You could also try the 3mm and 4mm cubes, but they are a bit heavier. The size of bead you need will depend on  the weight of the yarn. To be safe start with a size 6 (larger than 8 )and double knit type of yarn.

Laura Nelkin has some great patterns using beads in knitting, check them out, just beautiful.

I know many of you are serial crafters, juggling many crafts and always happy to try something new, so why not give this a go and combine two. Once you get the hang of it you’ll be adding beads to all sorts of knitting.

If you have some photos of knitting with beads you want to send me please email them, close up clear shots are best, ideally showing the beads.

Comment below the different crafts that are your favorite beside beading or do you add beads to other crafts?


Christine sent in these two photos of her knitting with beads, great, quick projects don’t you think?

Size 5 triangles and threading beads on to the yarn.





  1. Christine Mole says

    Thanks for using my photos Joanne. I enjoyed making these and maybe should have a go again sometime.

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