Creative Cluster, Highett, VIC

Creative Cluster, Highett, VIC

13 April 2017 3

2023 update, while I no longer live in Highett, I am nearly and the years of living there and running the business from home were precious.
This was written in 2017
I’ve lived in Highett for over eight years now, and seen quite a few changes in that time.
The shops on Highett Road are thriving. I walk there everyday to post your orders.
If you are ever in the area and stopping by for an open day or to pick up an order, then take time to check out these two shops. Of course, there are many places to have a coffee and lunch too.
This shop has been here for a few years now. The range of threads make s stunning display. I know people come from far and wide to visit it as they sometimes combine it with a visit to see me. Stop by and say hi to Norma.
They have recently moved to Simpson Street, Moorabbin.
Recently there has been a new shop open. Button Mania. I knew the name as a specialist shop in the city. It’s changed hands and moved to Highett. I popped in and had a chat.  A family now run it. Beautiful buttons and they will also make buttons in the workshop covered with a fabric of your choice.
This led me to ask if Highett is becoming a creative hub ! I hope so, I do feel very much part of the Highett community
You can come and visit the studio, first check if there is an upcoming open day, if not, drop me an email to arrange a time. Even better come with a few friends. I’ve also given talks to groups, education on the bead types and shapes, which can be overwhelming if you are starting out.
Now you have the added bonus of also visiting two other great shops in Highett. Pop by and tell them I sent you.
Jo, owner, Cranberry beads.


  1. Merinda Nadene Careedy says

    Desperately seeking Paterna Persian Yarn in colours pink and green. Colour no.s are 92
    602 912 913 915.

    • jo i says

      Hi Merinda,
      I can’t help you with yarn, we sell beads, this was about the creative cluster in this area. Perhaps contact the manufactured to ask where the retail outlets for that yarn is.

  2. Merinda Nadene Careedy says

    Im specifically looking for those colours through The Embroidery Den in Highett. Ive searched online and they are very hard to find.

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