Duracoat or Perma Finish ?

Duracoat or Perma Finish ?

17 April 2018

Duracoat beads by Miuki and Perma Finish by Toho are two of the most popular bead ranges. They come in vibrant metallic colours and some come in a matte version too.

Here are some quick links to enable you to find them easily

Toho Perma Finish

We have a huge range of the Perma Finish Toho beads now, so the best way to find them is by code prefix and size
Search for all 15s by searching 15-PF
Search for all 11s by searching 11-PF
Search for all 8s by searching 8-PF
Search for all 6s by searching 6-PF

Also the demi rounds come in some PF colours too

All of these beads have the PF or PFF prefix.

Toho Perma finish japanese seed beads size 8 - Vibrant purple 8-pf581

Vibrant Purple

Toho Perma finish japanese seed beads size 8 - Malibu 8-pf582


Toho Demi Round beads size 8 Lt copper PF551

Demi round, Lt copper

Size 8 Toho japanese seed beads, PF matte mix

matte PF mix



Miyuki Duracoat

Search for all beads by searching Duracoat

Or you can add the size to the search, e,g 15-DC

Drops and Long magatamas also come in some Duracoat colours

Miyuki are also using Duracost to describe some dyed opaque colours and some silver lined colours that have a more durable lining.

Long magatamas

Miyuki duracoat eggplant, size 6 6-dc4220








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