Duracoat or Perma Finish ?

Duracoat or Perma Finish ?

17 April 2018

Duracoat beads by Miuki and Perma Finish by Toho are two of the most popular bead ranges. They come in vibrant metallic colours and some come in a matte version too. Duracoat are now available in silverlined and dyed opaques. Why do beads need this coating? In the past some colours on beads have been unstable and rub off easily. To enable us to enjoy a vibrant and bigger range of colours these coating were invented to prolong the durability of the colours.

If you see a bead that has a galvanised costing, do make sure it also it labelled Duracoat or Perma finish.

Here are some quick links to enable you to find them easily

Toho Perma Finish

We have a huge range of the Perma Finish Toho beads now, so the best way to find them is by code prefix and size
Search for all 15s by searching 15-PF
Search for all 11s by searching 11-PF
Search for all 8s by searching 8-PF
Search for all 6s by searching 6-PF

Also the demi rounds come in some PF colours too

All of these beads have the PF or PFF prefix.

Toho Perma finish japanese seed beads size 8 - Vibrant purple 8-pf581

Vibrant Purple

Toho Perma finish japanese seed beads size 8 - Malibu 8-pf582


Toho Demi Round beads size 8 Lt copper PF551

Demi round, Lt copper

Size 8 Toho japanese seed beads, PF matte mix

matte PF mix



Miyuki Duracoat

Search for all beads by searching Duracoat

Or you can add the size to the search, e,g 15-DC

Drops and Long magatamas also come in some Duracoat colours

Miyuki are also using Duracost to describe some dyed opaque colours and some silver lined colours that have a more durable lining.

Long magatamas

Miyuki duracoat eggplant, size 6 6-dc4220








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