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Like needles, thread is a personal preference. It’s best to try several and see which ones you like. Most beaders develop a preference after a while. Also some types are better suited to different types of beads than others.
My current favorites are One G for work with mostly seed beads and Fireline if there are sharper crystals or heavier beads, e.g. Some two hole beads, like lentils, tiles and bricks
Also see the blog on Thread Conditioners
This is a traditional nylon thread from the upholstery industry. It comes in B and D sizes. B being a bit finer than D.  Lots of colours to choose from. If you unpick a lot it does have a tendency to split and fray. However lots of people still love this thread, it’s very popular. I use this for bead embroidery as typically there is less unpicking in that.

This Japanese thread comes in one thread size. Available in a 50yd spool, and in a 12 pack of that size too, or in a 125yds spool. The 50 yd spool comes in lots of colours. It has a slight stretch, so do pre stretch it before using. Simple pull the length between fingers. It’s a lot more resistant to fraying than Nymo, but if you push it to extremes it will also fray.
The 125yd spool is great, if you use a lot of one colour like this neutral one, then it’s worth getting. It has a little slit in the side of the case, once you thread the end through there, you can simply pull a length and snip.
oneg beading thread 12 packoneg beading thread

This is also a Japanese thread with similar qualities to One G It’s also lovely to work with and come in different shades to One G, so if one range has a better colour for your work, then either will do.
KO beading thread KO beading threadKO beading thread
Fireline is a superior fishing line and also used as beading thread. It’s made of braided and fused fibers and is very strong and abrasion resistant, and does not stretch. It’s a more expensive option but I would say it’s essential for using with heavier beads and crystals. Some use it for everyday beading too. It’s down to individual preference as to what you like to work with.
It comes in several sizes, colours and spool length.
We stock 6lb in crystal, smoke and black in 50yd spools and crystal and smoke in 125yd spools
We stock 4lb in crystal and smoke in 50yd spools
 firelinefireline beading threadfireline beading thread black

 Other thread reviews coming



    • jo i says

      Yes I do, but it depends…… 🙂
      It’s often the needle that determines how many times you can get through a seed bead. Japanese beads have a good sized hole, one reason I love them. All the thread on the site will go through seed beads, even the smallest size 15 beads. It usually comes down to how many times you want to got through the bead as to how small a needle you want. Nymo B is finer than Nymo D. KO and One G are perhaps in between these.
      What size seed beads and what stitch are you using?

      Thanks Jo

  1. Jenny says

    I’m just starting out.
    I like the Native American bead work.
    I’m working with size 11 seed beads.
    I had some very cheep beads and threads but now have got some miyuki beads and not to shore what thread I should use I’ve been making earrings and bracelets.

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