Delica Bead Slide Clasp, Gold, 18mm

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This is a great quality clasp by Elegant Elements, with a sold feeling closure, which combined the features of the Delica clasp and the Bead Slide Clasp.

Size: 18mm

Gold Plate, Nickel free. Made in Gemany.

Three channels for gluing Delica beads to match your creation.  Very easy to add the Delicas with glue, just plan before gluing then place beads on to the glue with a needle. Beads not included.

See you You Tube video for how to use this. 4 strand version show in video.

The hollow tube slides easily over a row of bead and the lugs fold down to stop the beadwork falling out.

These are great for ending bracelets. Takes any size of beads, 15, 11 or 8.

Ideally make 2 rows of square stitch then slide one row in to the tube. Once secure you can bead off of the other row of beads any design. To see how many beads you need, slide some on to a needle and test in the tube.

Other sizes /colours available via preorder, please inquire for details

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