Nylon Power Bead Cord 2mt no.8 White

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Nylon Power Bead Cord 2mt no.8

This weight is good for medium weight gemstones, stones and beads.

GRIFFIN NylonPower is a strong specially treated nylon with double the tensile strength of conventional nylon. GRIFFIN NylonPower Bead Cord stretches only about 3 – 4% under tension and will return to its original length when released. This property is a great advantage when beading, as knots can be placed very firmly and permanently. Apart from the firm characteristics of this thread, GRIFFIN NylonPower also possesses a smooth surface and an unsurpassed colour brilliance.

GRIFFIN NylonPower is available in 21 attractive colours and 13 different thread sizes. Each colour is available in 13 different thread sizes. Each card contains two metres (approx. 79 inch) of 100% natural thread with a stainless steel needle attached at one end.

If there is a colour you need, and we don’t have it, we may be able to order it in for you.

GRIFFIN NylonPower: The modern alternative to traditional natural silk thread.

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