Competition Judge

Competition Judge

23 March 2016


I completed my first role as a judge recently at The Festival of Glass Expo in Drysdale VIC on February 21st 2016.

It was a great experience. At first it was a little overwhelming to see the items displayed so beautifully.

I got to work on the scoring sheets and looked at each piece and how it would score in that category. Some scored well in one category, but less in another. I tried not to guess who would win. There was such a wide range of techniques, but having the scoring sheets helped to keep it clear in my mind which I though was best in each area.

It was a close call when I added up all the scores, hardly surprising with the quality of work. After some last minute checking with the organisers, the winner was decided. Unfortunately there are no photos of the entries or winners, but they were truly splendid and varied in technique. Well done to all who entered and the winner Carmel Manley.

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